Well its been awhile since my last post, been busy in the Big Game 2 and other smaller games. So I will take this opportunity to start a new, and hopefully regular feature. I will post player reviews of players that I think are worth mentioning, and call it “Player of the Month”.

The very first subject of this new feature is Timborulz.
Timborulz is a player I have been watching for years. He is undoubtedly one of the greatest players currently playing the game. He has a great deal of game knowledge, and he is very intelligent. He is an amazing script writer, as he focuses on Java scripts run under SWATH. Indeed, his scripts are some of the most impressive I have ever seen, well, not really seen, you see he does not release his scripts to the public, and only gives his corpies compiled versions that work in specific games.

He is very secretive when it comes to his game tech, and equally quiet in public. Sure he might talk over Fed a bit, and anyone that has played with him can attest to how much he talks over subspace. But, he is noticeably absent from the public TW forums, his recent spat with Cherokee a rare exception. This may be one of the most respectable things about Timborulz, he does not gloat in forums, and he does not parade his greatness. He simply performs in game.

Like all players of his caliber, he makes certain demands on those he plays with, regarding dependability and communication, but of all the great players I have watched, he is one of the least demanding. He goes about playing with a great precision. His perma-corp, Star Endeavors (site seems to be down as of this writing), has been one of the perma-dynasties of recent times, with no other perma having as much success in the last couple years.

I would expect Timborulz to continue at his level play and dominance as long as he wants to. And I look forward to seeing more games with Timborulz leading a team to victory, or near-victory.