… back in August!  I forgot all about it.  Not many websites out there can lay claim to being online for 20 years, but this site can.  

No one really comes here anymore, since I don’t post (and there are no players).  This site is barely getting 30-50 visitors a day.  I expect over the next few years, people will notice The Stardock has had an anniversary.


I found the original 10 year anniversary post.  I took the time to update the links in it so they work!  Unfortunately, I haven’t posted much in the decade since.  I closed my TWGS three years before the 10 year anniversary, and shortly after it I updated the website to what you see today.  I’ve been wanting to update the look of it for about five years, but I can never find a theme I like.  A lot of themes today require thumbnails and most of this site’s news has no thumbnails.  They simply won’t work.  

Looking around the forums I found out the TWGS software is nearing death.  It requires some special maneuvering to work in Windows 10,  TWGS and TWX Proxy both rely on a version of Delphi that doesn’t exist anymore, and every server I visited was mostly empty.  That’s OK, I’ll keep the site around for nostalgia.  There is a lot of good stuff deep in this site.  Good times.