This was originally posted by Cogwheel at  Please note the server pointed out is no longer active.

For those of you already using PuTTY, I have released a modified version (source) which adds a configuration option to return the cursor to the top left after a clear screen (Settings->Terminal->Clear screen homes cursor). TradeWars’ ANSI files expect this behavior of DOS’ ANSI.SYS which is technically in violation of the ANSI standard. I’ve attached a screenshot comparing the two versions landing on Terra.

If you don’t already use PuTTY and would like to have a go, I’ve also created an installer package that includes PuTTY, Bitstream Vera Sans Mono (my favorite monospace font), and is pre-configured to connect to my TradeWars server, including all the appropriate appearance settings to make it look right. You can change the settings to log into whichever server you want, or use pageant.exe to give you easy access to multiple configurations.