Greetings and Salutations Friends,Enemies,Traders,and Evil-Do’ers Everywhere!!

It’s that time of Year again ! It’s time for the Haunted Halloween Tournament. !!!!

This years Tournament will be hosted by telnet:// And Moderated by ElderProphet.
The HHT will Start at 8pm on 10/31/09 …..
The HHT is a HIGHLY Edited Game that has Had some regular settings But has Never Been *exactly* the Same from Year to Year..I have provided FULL disclosure and Will Be playing.
All Issues to be Handled by ElderProphet and his decison is FINAL.

The TWA that is being provided will also be the MAP used in this Game. Import the Game With All map Edits!!! Do Not Rebang the Game if you Want an Accurate Map.Just import it and open it as is.
Some Basic Settings include but are not limited to.
1200 turns 15k Sector Universe **No Time Limit** 6 members per corp ….Many Other Exciting Settings!!!!
Various Ship and Planet Edits

The HHT Edit Will be opend up for practice at telnet:// as soon as possible

More information can be found at 

A few poeple have pointed out that i didnt post Rules and Have asked there to be an End date….It’s Unlikely,,, but VERY possible,, that this game/edit could be Stalemated. I dont want to be playing the HHT at Christmas this year.So I sought out Advice from a few players and have come up with a solution.

For Whatever reason the Game’s TWA keeps aging So to Clarify the game will open with game age of 30 days.
1. The game will have an End Date 12/10/09 23:59:59 Server Time

2. In the Event the End Date is reached the following point system will be in used to determine a Winner.

100 points for every Captured planet that is level 5 or above that your corp owns.
15 points for every sector with at least 1 corp fig.
100 points for a port with at least 1 product upgraded to the max(fuel,org,equip) Buy or Sell.
50 points for every ship that has the Game start date as the Manufactured Date.That you own at the end of the game.

No Buyouts

In the Case of some Conflict ie double exturn or game data corruption The Game Moderators Decision is Final. (Game Moderator = ElderProphet )

also to be more clear
There is No Rules against Information Sharing.
Mega Corping is defined by the Sharing of Hard Assetts ie.Figs.Credits,Citadels,Sectors.
YES Mega Corping IS against the rules.