Well its happened only 2 other times in the History of TW2002. A bunch of people are comming from different parts of the country and are “MEETING” in the spirit of friendship and its happening This year in Kansas City,MO. At the Harrah’s Casino no less!!!!….The first TWCON was held in Las Vegas..   

The second TWCON was held in Virginia Beach,Va and it was just as much fun!!!!

But this year we are holding the TWCON in Kansas City MO.On September 20th and 21st!!

The Guest list includes Space Ghost, Xanos , Auntie B, Willow.Merlin From Merlins Keep!…But wait there is more!!!! The Probable list includes the man himself John Pritchett ( Auther of TWGS) Macahan (co auther of swath) Supermom and none other then our own Promethius..

So Come on out and be a part of TW History!!!!!!!
Hope to see everyone there!!!!!!!