Announcing Big Chess….. There will be 2 Teams and we will be running Chessv2 with an edit to the Wall Ship allowing it to land….

Chess is a Capture the planet style game where each team starts out with a set amount of resources as well as a level 6 “King” planet. If your team loses its King planet The Game is Over.

Winning conditions
If the Log says The planet was invaded… Game over…no capping it back no hiding on planet. ..This clears up any speculation to when the game is over…

If your King Planet is Destroyed You lose..Whether Bumped or Zdy’d.

The Game is over when one Team has invaded or destroyed the Other Teams King Planet.


2 teams 1600 turns per day 2day turn bank 20k sectors, Players will be on Corp and in Citadel at start.
King planet will have 40 million credits and 200k figs . Planet will have 20k ore.

Game Will be started on May 16th at 9pm eastern on UTW.
Each team currently is recruiting players And ANYONE who wants to play CAN. none will be turned away.
Please post here or Contact ParrotHead Or myself.