It’s my pleasure to announce Big Game 08….. Parrothed vs Space Ghost.In a mutual effort to have a fun competive game me and parrothead will Go head to head with the aide of 8 our friends / corpies. In an effort to promote the game we would like people to sign up Right here and both me and parrot will pick from the pool of players….. This is an effort to have a fun competive game ..leave the Hate at home….. Rules are simple Two teams mine and Parrot’s no others.No buyouts neither planet nor ship. Closed game once we have teams day 1 they dont change.

Settings will be 8000 sectors MBBS 1k turns a day 2 day turn bank Stockish planets (1/2 time cits) and Ships,…(125 holds havoc.. missle 100holds twarp and holo 4tpw..CFS open….Twarp on the Colt )

Start Date 04-18-08 at 9pm eastern
Server UTW

Both me and Parrot will be posting our 8 people as soon as possible. If you would like to play Please Sign up in this thread with your intrest to do so. Both me and parrot will be picking people from the people who sign up.