www.tradewars.com updates their website on Feb 23. Earlier I wrote about Trade Wars:Dark Millennium this morning with a quick review on how I feel about it…..which was that I basically wouldnt like it.

Guess what?

A couple guys wrote me how it could be a good thing for the TW community and I gave it some thought then decided to pull the review until I actually see it for myself when it does come out.

John Prichett was one of those people who wrote me. I was pleasantly surprised. This is what he had to say.

Read your post on the tw.com site.  You’re entitled to your opinion 😉 But I do want to point out that it most definitely IS supposed to look like a comic book.  That’s one of the design elements that I really like about this game.  I think it looks great.

Please, don’t look at this project as a TW sequel.  If you do, you’ll just be disappointed.  But these guys grew up playing TW and they love the game.  That doesn’t mean that they want to clone it.  They want to take some general ideas, and expand on them.  But unlike others who have done that, they wanted to continue the Trade Wars tradition.  Obviously if I didn’t think it was a good idea, I wouldn’t have agreed to it.

Reserve judgement until the game is written.  I’m working hard to get some basic TW design elements into the game.  And I’m working hard to help guarantee that the game will be fun even if it doesn’t quite hold up to the expectation of veteran TW2002 fans.

You can save the “it’s not like TW2002” criticism for my Team EIS project.  The goal there will definitely be to keep the game close to the classic, and I’ll be relying on the input from people like you to keep us in line.

If I can just manage to build this team without splintering the TW community 🙁

John Pritchett
Epic Interactive Strategy


You heard it from the man himself, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you John.

The other person that wrote me is none than Animal himself, who offered a different perspective on TW:Dark Millennium

Man you need to sit back and look at the big picture concerning Dark Millennium if it comes out as good as it looks, good Tradewars players have got a shot at making money off of this game…Depends on how it turns out if it ‘s like the online game forget the name unreal or maybe Diablo?? people ar developing characters and selling them on ebay for big bucks depending on the exp. etc. of the character… That makes it possible for any good tradewars players that can pick up the new game quick enough to build up characters and sell them.never can tell too early yet but a good possibility.

Another perspective offered by Animal gives you something to think about. I want to thank Animal and John Pritchett for e-mailing me on my previous review of tradewars.com . I withold all my judgements on Dark Millennium until I actually see it for myself. My only reservation of this is that I’m afraid the game’s system requirements will exceed that of my own system which is 200 MHZ and 32MB of RAM, though getting more RAM wont be a problem as I gotta do it anyways.

Online community games like Unreal, Everquest, Ulitma, etc all exceed my system requirements so I’m missing out on those games and I’m afraid I will miss out on Dark Millennium as well. If a best selling game like Half-Life only requires 166 MHZ and 32MB of RAM among their requirements, I see no reason why TW:Dark Millennium shouldn’t either. I’ll keep an eye on this.