The GodFather of Trade Wars himself has made a dupe catcher so advanced, it is mind boggling. When I was a sysop at Intergate, I thought Andrew’s dupe catching tools were pretty cool. And then I go and read the following message Eleq posted in Egroups , or should I say, YahooGroups (more on that later).

I have created a new dupe catching program that is outrageously lethal to those who cheat.

It can catch dupes over a wide variety of IP addresses. Even if the cheating user logs in from different IP addresses for each of his dupes, he can still be caught! The dupe catcher employs up to 15 different techniques to identify potential abusers.

Using the logs from Fusion, it tracks and analyzes massive amounts of data to look for known duper patterns that I’ve identified over my years of being a sysop and player. I choose not to reveal exactly how this is being done, but it would be extremely difficult to avoid it. To give you an idea…the code is extremely optimized, but it still takes a AMD Duron 650 up to 30 mins to analyze and process all the data from the logs.

The first run of the new program identified a large (and disheartening) number of dupes that could of never of been traced using IP alone. Right now, they are not being deleted, but only blocked until they can contact me and explain their situation.

Sys Admin – The Stardock BBS

I’m very very impressed on this, Eleq. A very nice job. Andrew would be so proud