Yeah I know I have not updated BOTE news – or any TW news. I’ll try and get going on that in the next couple days. But way it looks now, with Coastgames out and the settings set up the way it is, we are looking at a 2nd stalemate in BOTE history. IMHO, I think future tournaments can do without the death limit if settings are set to prevent rebuilding when a team’s base is invaded. Low terra regen is one option. They then will have to concede the game. With no death limits, teams can show, to coin a WWE phrase, ruthless aggression in competition instead of sitting back in defensive mode to avoid being eliminated. They can then afford to moth a heavy defended enemy base for days on end until the ore wear down and they can break thru without worry of invaders being eliminated. If invaders get #SD#, they simply will be back the next day to resume play instead of being eliminated, keeping the game going strong. Just keep pounding away and it’s over, one way or another. Sit back and it will stalemate.

Ship delay is another factor in the BOTE. Gridders and lawnmowers are more at risk of being podded so they are more hesistant to do their jobs unless they really have to.

To sum it up, for tournament games, I think settings should be set up for offensive play, not defensive play. And currently, in the BOTE, offensive play is just that..offensive..given the current settings. Therefore, I think the death limit should be abolished and the ship delay set to none IMHO.