Two legends of Trade Wars made an appearance in The Home Sector forums. The Last Starfighter AKA Fooman and RawHead Rex each made a few posts in the forums inquiring about the happenings of TW today. What’s funny is, Rex posted that he was surfing the net one day, thought about TW and popped into Eleq’s site. LSF did the same thing a few minutes later. What are the odds of two legends deciding they got bored and decided to check out TW on the same day? About as much as winning the Powerball lottery I guess.

Who knows, I would not be surprised if legends like Ripclaw, Darkhawk, Rolodex, Hellcat, Gaurdian, and most notably – Hosem all decide to make a return to TW in time for the BOTE.

I would like to suggest a slot be reserved in the BOTE named “Hall of Fame” for the legends to represent. I would love to see how these legendary players stack up against today’s players.

The Black Knights were one of the most dominating teams in their time. It is too bad I have not had the opportunity to play in the same game with them much other than the first WTC. But Artemis, Lord Chaos, and Maverick were in a class all by themselves with their dominating play.

Before I close out this post, I also want to mention one more legend – Cruncher. Her knowledge of the game was outstanding. Her beta testing helped make the TWGS what it is today. She is in a class all by herself and I am honored to have been part of her beta testing not long ago when we together helped run a beta server at Intergate.

Forgive me if I leave out anyone. Any ommisions are not intentional. These were just off the top of my head. Best of luck to any legends who decide to return to today’s game 🙂