I’ll be quick and to the point. I’m keeping this site online for a while longer. I’m not gonna be able to get my bowling site up in time as the season will be over in only a couple months, so I’m just gonna run my bowling site off a subdirectory of this site. I have not maintained either this site or my bowling site for some time now, but now i’m going to find the time. Meaning I’ll keep the Trade Wars Gazette News online for a while longer. Let’s start with the USO. Currently it has 6 teams entered and the scheduled start date is Feb 23rd at Hardcoded. Planet TW is taking a haitius from Trade Wars so the USO site’s address is being moved to https://hardcoded.dnsalias.org:81\USO\USOTC.HTM. Silver Dragon had said that if there is not enough entrants in the game, he’ll cancel it. I think 6 teams is a good start and many players are known for 11th hour entries to keep the competition guessing. So Silver Dragon need not fret whether or not he’ll have enough players. So looks like the USO will be a go this year.

EleqTrizi’T continues to keep the Home Sector website updated and looking nice. Check it out at The Home Sector website. Fuseblown and Mana Knight also contributes to the site on an occasional basis.

Speaking of MK, he has woken up from a long, long, long coma, dusted off his old Commodore 64, not knowing today we use blazing P4’s at speeds of nearly 3 GHZ if that, and has updated his website. He discussed TW:DM and its apparent demise. More info can be found on his well written article.

Space Ghost came out of his trusty escape pod long enough to inform us that John Pritchett has also resurfaced and possible updates to TWGS might be around the corner. Not often I can read an article where I have to scroll down the screen just to read the next sentence due to its large font 🙂

Finally, I’ll get this website fully operational within the next few days such as my MBBS-TWGS page, the ZOC scripts, and links page. I’m gonna send Macahan a payment today as I’m behind on them.

Speaking of ‘Ol Mac, he rebanged several games at Fament. Telnet bbs.fament.com to check them out. That’s all for now. Happy belated Valentine’s Day everyone.