This is my final installment of the Trade Wars Gazette update. I wanted to cover a number of subjects before I bring down this website for good. First off, I’m happy to announce, as many of you already know, that Eleqtrizi’T has brought the Home Sector website back up online. It was only perhaps last year that he took down the BBS and handed over the website maintenance to Fuseblown. But Fuse himself ended up a little busy to take care of it, so it looked like the Home Sector was gonna die for good.

Then Easy E put out a comment page on his website where people could post their thoughts on what he should do with the Home Sector and based on those comments, he has brought the Home Sector back online. I’m very happy about this. Trade Wars was never the same without E and when he left, he also left a big void in the community no one has not been able to fill.

Say what you want about Hardcoded or Coastgames, two of the leading servers today, but no one could hold a candle to the Home Sector TWGS/Stardock BBS. Games like the Title Game along with his other trademark games like Massive, One Love, etc. were ultra competitive and classic battles. Eleq’s edits were out of ths world and I hope the return of the Home Sector website also is followed by the TWGS or BBS soon.

Another subject I wanted to cover is the U S O. This year, for the first time in U S O history, Bad Girl is no longer the moderator and that in itself is a good thing. She has made way too many mistakes in the past which had a major effect on the games. I’m not gonna get into that now, but I just want to say I have 100% confidence this year’s U S O should be one of the best tournaments of the year. Silver Dragon should do all right with it.

Next involves the passing of two members of the community in the past year. As many of you know, Jackal lost a valiant battle to cancer early last year and late last year, Kitty Moon AKA Rave AKA Lisa Wilson-Cutler died in a car accident. My thoughts and prayers go out to the familes of these two individuals. River Rat will run Jackal’s Lethal Lotto game at Alien Base and I trust he’ll do a fine job with it.

I also wanted to say this to each and everyone of you in the community: I wanted to let everyone know I have no beef whatsoever with anyone in the community. This includes Space Ghost, Kemper, Prestone, both Doctors, etc – all players that I have tangled with in the forums. Trade Wars is only a text based game that sometimes can get out of hand. Many people have lives that revolve around TW such as having a computer on 24/7 and running a bot to guard a home base and have an alarm go off to wake someone if he is being invaded. If you have to do that, then you know TW has control of your life. It should be the other way around. That’s the nice thing about Cherokee’s “I have a life” game where there is a 45 minute time limit. Unfortunateley, even I didn’t have time to play that one though I wanted to.

There’s been a lot of bitching lately that everyone needs to lighten up and realize it is only a fricking game, not something in real life to bitch about in the forums. Trade Wars is simply a game, nothing to get worked up over. I think all the fights is why a lot of members like BG, Guardian, Eleq, Cruncher, etc have left at one time or another. To sum it up, debates are nice in that conflicts can get resolved, but when you have turds like Res Judicata come in the forums and start crap, that’s another thing and we don’t need that.

Finally, this domain is going down for good very soon. I have until this fall to decide if I wanna let it go or renew it. Trade wars is addicting enough that I could very well bring the site back online later this year. Right now, I’m just not interested in Trade Wars to warrant maitaining the site though Eleq’s return did inspire me to write this final article and perhaps even tempt me to bring TW Gazette back online for good, but common sense won out and I decided to write this one final article.

Peace out – Timberwolf