Apparently some people out there that will rename nameless can’t handle off topic news. Whats worse, while complaining about OT news on this site, one guy posts some of his own OT news. The other guy, with a whopping 4 news posts in the last 7 days, 2 of those posts are about Tradewars, one is about being mentioned on another guy’s site, and the other is whining about the lack of news in the “community”. As if that weren’t bad enough, he is an admitted Mac user! Whats next? Will we learn they are both Canadian?! Really, if you want TW news, and only TW news, check out all the dead TW news sites out there. If you want proof that there are still HUMANS in a scripters world, come here and read stuff that HUMANS, and the geeky HUMANS that play TW care about. Of course, if you are a Canadian Mac user, go here (not safe for work, outside of Canada), and feel at home.
One last point, rather than griping about lack of legit news, go here and post your thoughts about a legit TW topic that has been raised. You hoser!