Well, Eleq declared the game officially over.  Below is a post made by Prestone, who by the way has an excellent shot of being CEO of the year in next year’s TW Awards.

this year’s world tradewars championships  ended on day 110, after nazwes, ceo of the
remaining de/rn forces conceded to team goodguys.

here’s how the major powers looked early on:
wtc player list
Goodguys-goods-father cajone,old timer,hc,prestone,white knight
12-5/7 reds-zep,rev,illusion,banano,madill,silas,res
Borg- goods-locutus,3 of 10,crosis
6-3/3 reds-8 of 12,central node,vastator
Scumdogs-goods-punk,cardinal syn,sexecutioner,oderus,sleazy
12-5/7 reds-ragnarok,balsac,scroda,techno,flattus,bozo,jager
RN- goods-medusa,animal,conrad,kav,cowboy,batmang,
20-13/7 sg,gypsy,zoo,lady ice(bud),going mad,naz,q
DE- goods-vindicator,leila,stealth,blitz,kessen,casio,grl wonder
11-7/4 reds-nadreck,sparhawk,G,amos

what you pretty much had was goodguys and scumdogs
which teamed up against the forces of borg, rn and de.

here are all the members of the team goodguys who
contributed to victory:

prestone -ceo, i got to do all the fun stuff. sold orgs, megarobbed, dropped truckloads of cash into the cits, reached Enemy of the State status one time for about 10 minutes, planet driver, invasion coordinator, monster port list duty

night hawk-retired from tw during game. if he comes back, don’t let him ceo, hehe.

hellcat-started late,heh scout, kill, invade, untouchable! asking him to run ports is an insult, invasion prep.

zep-solid red/blue, he pulled 15-20mil just about every day.

white knight-ran ports late night, port were always ripe too.

the reverend-zoc scripts(shipbuy, multiship SDT w/haggle, overhaggle buydown, pwarp photon, etc.) goodguys website, colo “snipe” duty

banano-team player, Luis provided the tequila shooters for the colonist liberation ceremonies.

habeebjeeba-or something like that, aka sweet little girl,  many successful orion missions, she’d easily scout a few hundred sectors in a day.

killer evil pig-ran ports when in town.

hekate-ran mega crews, this gal can run colos in about 2 mins. extern duty, extensive game knowledge

jack box-hard to tell if his overhaggle script has waits.

gravedigr-can do it all, quick with the macros and quick on the keys.

old timer-planets, full time colos, “snipe” duty, goodguys website.

father cajone-planets, colos, orion missions, strategy, if you shot him you ate corbs.

jagermonster-deathwing made some nice cash.

kendrake-he was always there to help out, assisted in many multicorp functions.

res judicata-solid work from res, he shot the enemy a lot, extern duty, fed smack, the enemy attempted to invade us one time, res #sd# 4 or 5 of them in about 10 seconds, they never tried again.

silas-solid red, precise fast sdt and buydowns.

gorth-Mr. Gorth kept the ports empty and the planets full.

cat’s on mars-mana knight built a lot of planets and kept the team laughing.

madill-vince is restricted to games with 30 min time limits.

illusion-curt has an actual life, but he got a few turns in.

punk-punk got shot more then anyone else in the game. such is the life for the max aligned red.

the members of the team voted for the official 6 winners
and they are: prestone, reverend, res judicata, hellcat,  hekate
and gravedigr.

i would like to extend my thanks for the time and effort that each member of the team put into the game. Let it be known that everyone of us has the ability to do whatever  task is presented to them, whether it be production, scouting or combat. it was an honor to play with each and every one of  you. i can only hope i’ve taught you as much as you’ve taught

to the competition-have to give props to them. even though they technically had more players in their camp, they had less turns running per day and therefore less resources. yet even with less resources they held out extremely well, moving all  colos to ore production, they were able to erect a 27 planet door which still seemed impenetrable even after 200 or so loaded “big” ships had hit it. during the final invasion figs dropped from about 10mil to just over 2mil, and once they could not protect their ports anymore, the game was over.

here’s some thoughts on the de/rn/borg players:
borg-their 2 best planets psmashed one night and they all quit. funny if you’re not borg. they gave their stuff to de.

dragon elite-honorable players, glad there weren’t more of them, while goodguys chased rn’s last h for about 2 months, this team built some serious volcanics and outfitted
their cash area nicely. they’d keep the planets maxed at 1000 planets in game at all times making it difficult to clear nav haz, which is essential to invade.

rogue nation-used some questionable, but effective tactics early on. nazwes first entered the game as Prestone  and proceeded to hail our entire team an incorrect
password which caused some of us to go red. funny if you’re not a gg. the ship buyout, brilliant as it was, cost rn the game. essential gg truces were made right after the ship buyout.

honorable mention goes out to nazwes chaiwind. this guy is a top 5 player i don’t know why he isn’t rated! try and take his stuff and he’ll give you the day off. track him down, he’ll move.
if you flyout during a script gone haywire, don’t even bother logging back in, cuz you’re dead. naz is pretty much the main  reason the game lasted as long as it did.

and a very special thank you to eleq for hosting this years game
at stardock, always fast and reliable.

(: prestone 🙂
CEO – Team Goodguys
USO 2001 WTC 2001 Champions