from Colonel Sanders:

Coming soon at telnet:// BOTRU 2001!  BOTRU is simply- Battle of the Runners Up.  It will start the same day as BOTE!  It will have all the same rules as BOTE and be in the same universe as BOTE!  Its going to be so similar in fact, that all the servers/bbs’s with an invitation to BOTE also have an invitation to BOTRU!  The idea is this, those players that don’t make the cut for your BOTE team need not be cast off, just send them as a team to BOTRU, this way everyone gets to play in a huge tournament!  Also great for those of us that just don’t want to get up at extern!  Macahan will be co-sysop and will help ensure the integrity of the game!  The only difference in rules is, players in BOTE may not also play in BOTRU, this tournament is specifically for those that can’t or don’t want to make the major committment to the greatest tournament of the year!  Team size will be 6, settings and universe identical to BOTE, come and play for the title of “Second Best!!!”  Once, I have a web page for it, I will post a link.  Don’t worry, there will be no special forum for BOTRU, no special domain, it will just be an easy to read page linking to the BOTE home page for rules <G>.  I will, as they come in, put up the list of registered teams.  So bug your sysop today!  Ask him to send you to BOTRU 2001!  And bring the glory of second best to your home server!!!