Yup. Game C at The Stardock BBS. I caught Babsy running SSM. First I tried to destroy the port soon as she docked at it but she lifted off before the port was blown. She warped out of sector and I quickly D-scanned to see where she went. I then was about to follow her when she came back. I immediately began attack on her, hitting her 45K some figs on her Chicken Megaship (A souped up version of the CFS – then again ,every ship in Game C is souped up – heh) with 10K figs at a time. I had no time to surround her, and this being my first online kill of a top player of the game, I was too excited to drop fig soon as i pinged her out to funnel her into another sector. I ended up pinging her back and forth in furious attack waves, wasting no time in powering up on her, without macros mind you, before I finally destroyed her ship.

I knew she was distracted somehow or she would not have allowed her self to die like that as she would have escaped right after I blew the port. She’s a hell of a good player, but was distracted in this case and I took advantage of it to nail her.

I then got an ICQ from her saying she was in another window working on her daughter’s web page and and she said something like “That will teach me to work in another Window” and I laughed. I actually felt bad, but at the same time, I now rank it as my #1 kill of all time. It felt good to pod a great player like Bad Girl after killing newbie after newbie.I was gonna make a hELLCAT style cap file, but the damn thing totaled like 10 images to compose and I didnt have the time to capture the whole attack onto one image so I just did the last screen shot of her podding. Image is here. I’m the player named Frucking Idiot, by the way.

Bad Girl, thanks for being a good sport. I realize game C is just a fun game, but it still gave me a rush to pod someone as good as you are 🙂