I wanted to talk about a couple things regarding the WTC 2001.

First off, the chances are very good I won’t be playing WTC unless I get an offer I can’t refuse which won’t happen. This is gonna be a terrific summer. My kids are finally old enough that I can take them places and have some fun..even go to an amusement park and go on the nasty rides with them instead of just watching them putter along on a kiddie ride. We plan on going to the beach. We plan to go camping. We plan to do a lot of other stuff. I certainly won’t waste my summer getting podded by the various 12-20 member super-megacorps entering the WTC when I can be outside being active and having some fun. I still will pop in a game or two just to chat and stuff and will most definitely still run my games at Fament and operate this website. I also will be helping Macahan with the BOTE since I’m a co-sysop at Fament.

Another thing I want to say about the WTC is this: I’m told Bad Girl and Guardian aren’t playing WTC. Damn shame cuz while many individuals has won a major 2 times in a row , I dont think a team has won two in a row or at least the core of the team won 2 in a row. Example is this: Peacemaker and Rawhead Rex won first 2 USO’s but with different teammates. Last year the team of Bad Girl, Peacemaker, Guardian, Mirkath, Atog, and Lady Ice won the WTC. They still are together but as Dragon Elite and Dragon Elite has more members on the team as well, for example, Darth Vader – a nasty ass hunter and killer, and Speedy – a dedicated farmer who does his job well. Add the likes of Dietrich and Hammer and there’s a hell of a team with an astounding chance of being team repeat champions of a major tournament – a feat never accomplished unless I’m wrong. but without Bad Girl and Guardian playing, Dragon Elite cant really be called repeat champs even if Peacemaker, Lady Ice, Mirkath and Atog are 4 of the 6 players recognized as champs.

The Good Guys, however, might end up being the first team to win 2 different majors in a row, providing the same 6 players who won the USO are also winners of the WTC. Who knows?

Be interesting to see who all enters the WTC and if any entries end up becoming secret entries such as the Death Corp of last year’s WTC or the Cleaning Crew of this year’s USO.