Maztablazta won with 7 kills, Xanos had 5, Winner(Bud) had 4, Paladyne had 2 kills and Animal had one. In fact, Animal’s lone kill was the last one that clinched at least a tie for MaztaBlazta. Xanos conceded the game to MaztaBlazta as there were only 2 leps left and Xanos at best could only tie MaztaBlazta.Logs are here. The Next Hunt game is April 2 at 7pm CST. It is called the April Fool’s Hunt and players will be hunting Fools instead of Leprechauns. This time, I wont put corbs in ships and also SD will be by Fed so everyone could have a fair chance to hunt. I will also close game in 2 days instead of 1 day.