I’m currently taking a leave-of-absence from the Trade Wars scene for an indefinite length of time due to ongoing headaches in real life.  My “budding” career in the United States Army is consuming more and more of my time, and rather than risk being a poor CEO for my own corp, Moebius Futures, or a poor corpmate for those of you who have asked me to help you out in games, I’m simply going to be putting playing Trade Wars on the backburner for the time being.However, there are still several projects that I’ll keep my hands on, such as running the OLGN server for Dagbot, and several concept projects in calloboration with several other people, including work on a new breed of “helper” and a graphical mapping utility for ZOC, as well as helping Icehawk to maintain and update Kitty’s Playground.

To all those who asked me to join their team in the upcoming United States Open tournament, I thank you for the offers, and if I thought I could offer the required time and energy, I’d have had a hard time deciding who I’d have ended up corping with.  With any luck circumstances and time considerations will have changed by this time next year…

I owe an immense thank you to Andrew Wyatt (my Aitvo, <g>), who helped me really get Kitty’s Playground off the ground at just the right time.  I was so fed up with Tripod I was going to scrap the whole site idea–only his quick intervention salvaged it, and it only improved from there on out.  He spent God knows how many hours helping me get the site set up on Intergate, helping me troubleshoot scripts, permissions and all sorts of silly things I really shouldn’t have bothered him with.  Aitvo is, in my honest opinion, the model sysop.  He’s one of the one-percenters who have my absolute respect and admiration for the excellent job they do.  Keep up the great work Aitvo, and hope to see Intergate back on the net soon.  ;o)

Lisa Wilson