That’s one of the slogans of 100 Centre Street, the new Criminal Justice Drama airing on the A&E channel, and one of my favorite shows. Look at the history here. First Naz says before the USO starts that it’ll probably continue its curse of having problems, and sure enough, it opens, then closes and restarts the following day because the game files were corrupt. Eleq turns around and tells Naz that he’ll be watching the Canadian Open closely, sounding like he’ll be on the lookout for any bumps in the road up north. And sure enough, the BBS that was to host the Canadian Open is destroyed in a fire. Whoa… Then SilverWings goes down when the ISP its hosted on is affected by a lightning strike/power surge or some such thing, and though there’s no permanant damage resulting from it, when things settle down again, Mana Knight makes a post on his site about how another board needs to be hit by this curse that’s been being passed around… any except for The Stardock… and a couple days later… well, we all know the result of MK’s invitation for God to smite yet another game provider. Uh oh, does talking about it mean that The Void is next? Could very well, considering the next bit of news.