Icehawk and myself have started on our next project, which will hopefully become the final word in Trade Wars Players Guides–focusing at first on the standard mode TWGS game and later encompassing MBBS compatibility mode as well.  As soon as the first couple sections of mostly introductory stuff is finished, it will be available from the Library area, and as new sections are completed they will be made available for browsing immediately.  I’d like to request help from anyone with suggestions or comments regarding the guide.. whether its proofreading the first drafts, correcting errors regarding game play tips/strategies, etc.  The basis of the guide will be taken from Someguy’s Manual, Iago’s War Manual, Slice’s Trade Wars Guide, Xelian Field Manual, and several other more obscure and arcade TW 2002 tomes, but all information presented will be updated to reflect the changes made after the v3 series and TWGS was released.

All told, the guide looks like it might become an immense portion of the web site, and will have links to reference material, such as the planetary and standard ship database, which are already available from the library section.  Although a updated player’s guide has been one of my top priorities for the site, it only made sense to have the appropriate reference materials in place before tackling a much larger and complex project.