Some of you may remember, when the high scores accessed from the below menu was changed to show numerical values for Rank and Alignment rather than title, such as Warrant Officer, and Heinous Overlord.

==– Trade Wars 2002 –==

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I – Introduction & Help
S – View Game Settings
H – High scores
X – Exit

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I think its high time to return to the way it used to work. With scripts and bots running amuck, which monitor those numerical values, and allow the player’s account to be logged in and begin running this or that bot, have we not learned that this was not a wise change to make? Indeed, the original reason for the change was to allow players to see the numerical rankings of traders without having to enter the game. The goal was never to take the game out of the game. Now that we have logger scripts running that can output CLV results to web pages, there remains no good reason to show those numerical values from that menu. It does nothing but assist people in circumventing time limits. What do you think?