The Sysop of Family Entertainment Network, or FEN for short, has made his case for being nominated for some TW Awards. Here is what he has to say..

I would like to see people list FEN or myself or my wife Supermom for representing FEN in the TW Awards for “Most Active Contributer” and/or “Community Award”

FEN always tends to be left out in all discussions about contributors and people that done lot for TW.

FEN has for years as a service and for our love to the game hosted numerous TW sites and TW related sites for HIGHLY reduced prices or more often then not completely FREE.,,,,,, are sites that is/been hosted for free or reduced price. Other domains that we are/been involved in hosting are,,,
Not to forget the server that been free to play for over 3 years now, that been the host of BOTE 2000 and will be the host for BOTE 2001..

I think this deserveds at least a nomination to show respect to the people behind FEN and what they have done for TW.
(Why not make it a hall of fame nomination while we’re at it 😉 )

Sounds good to me, Mac. He’s personally been a huge help to us here at The Stardock.