Rules & Information

1) Only one nomination ballot, and one voting ballot will be accepted per person.

2) Your entry must include your Real Name, Game Name, and E-Mail Address. All info given will be kept private, no info will be given out.

3) Web based E-Mail addresses will not be accepted.

4) Each received nomination ballot, and voting ballot will be verified before adding to the totals.

5) Your nomination ballot, or voting ballot can contain any, or all of the listed categories. (Remember Rule #1)

6) Nominations will begin on 03/17/2000, and will close on 03/31/2000. Any nominations received after this time will not be considered.

7) Voting will begin on 04/02/2000, and will close on 04/15/2000. Any ballots recieved after this time will not be considered.

8) The number of voting choices in each category will be based on the amount of nominations received.

9) Nomination totals for the top nominees will be posted during the Voting period. However, the overall totals will not be posted until after the Voting has been completed.

10) The nominee in each category with the most votes will win the award. An “Honorable Mention” will be given in case of an extremely close voting outcome. (See Rule #11 for exceptions)

11) The Hall Of Fame, or Citadel Award, can be awarded to more than one person. This will be determined by the amount of nominations, and votes recieved.

12) A person is eligible to win in more than one category.

13) Ballots can contain up to three (3) Nominations for each category. Any Nomination ballots containing over three nominations in a category, will not have that category counted. Any other valid nominations on the same ballot will be accepted.

14) Ballots can contain only one (1) vote for a nominee, in each category. Any Voting ballots containing more than one vote in a category, will not have that category vote counted. Any other valid votes on the same ballot will be counted.

15) Please specify which category you are nominating a person(s) for, or which category they are in when you are voting for them.

16) A person cannot nominate, himself or herself. You can vote for yourself, if you make the Voting ballot.

17) The link to cast your ballots is on the bottom of the left side bar. If you do not wish to use the site links to send in your ballots, the address is:

18) Final results will be posted shortly after 04/15/2000, as soon as the ballots have been verified and counted, and the winners declared.

19) Any and all problems will be decided on by a panel of judges, and will be final.