Stardock Award

This award will be given to the person voted as the Most Valuable Player.

This is the person who you feel is the most valuable player in TradeWars. This could be due to their knowledge of the game, ability to adapt to any game style of play, ability to adapt to the many game variations or edits, ability to play either alignment extremely efficiently, ability to comprehend the current status of the game, mastery of the available game resources, responses to current game situations as they occur, or just plain total game control and domination.

People Nominated: 12
Candidate Nominated Votes
EleqTrizi’T 5 5
Guardian 4 13
Hellcat 4 4
Others nominated:
Adomma 1
Bad Girl 1
Cruncher 1
Hosem 1
JackBox 1
Maverick 1
Shark 1
The Founder 1
Wookie 1