The Wolfpack Den

The Wolfpack Corporation

Wolfpack Corp Logo
Wolfpack Corp Logo

What is the Wolfpack?
When we started, we were a rag-tag bunch of players, that played like a pack of wolves.
As time went on, a cancer spread among us. We eliminated that cancer.
Now, we are the War Wolves. We play to win. We play to the finish.
Each member has his/her own unique qualities, that helps us hunt, and be the best we can be.

Wanna be a Wolf cub?
We take on new players by recommendations from current Wolfpack members only.
New players wanting to join will be evaluated by all current members.
They are asked to play a couple games with us. If all works out, they are asked to join.

Is Wolfpack for everyone?
No, its not.
We have certain requirements that must be met.
If you are asked to join, it will be explained at that time.

The War Wolves