Keynet’s game started today. Cool Prize with it! If you win the game, you and your corpies get 2 months of Pro-Member Class FREE! Is that a deal or what?

South Park

I have nothing better to write about now, so if you’ve heard the blitzkreig of Ads about Comedy Central’s South Park, this is where it all started. it’s a 40 meg avi file, but it’s DEFINATELLY worth the download! It was so funny, I watched it again right after It stopped. There’s also a real audio version for you lamers who don’t want to wait for the full thing. Go get it!

Power Outage and College

I would have updated more yesterday, but the power went off for about 12 hours. Anyway, here’s the deal with college: I’ll still be able to update the page from the computer lab, but I have to walk halfway accross campus to use it which means updates will be a little more irregular. (Not that they already aren’t irregular. 🙂

There is good news. In two weeks the comp lab in my dorm will be active, and i’ll be able to update better. The bad news? I’m still going to have to use Vi to edit, so the pages may look a little screwed up until I master vi.