If you notice, the links icon is now operational. Eleq is having fun messing around with it. I had something totally diffrent planed for it, but we’ll let Eleq have his fun for now. 😉

FEN’s new game

Yes, you heard it right, FEN is starting a new game one month after it’s old one started. Either there were too many turns, or someone really did a blitzkreig. Rebang date for the game is Saturday, the 13th.

Pir8.net down

If your wondering about why Pir8.net is down, it`s currently moving. JFK wasn`t making any money with the system, (Who can blame him? He gave unlimited time. 🙂 family entertainment has been nice enough to pick up his board. It’ll only have access via telnet, throught FEN when it goes back up, or so I hear. It’s sceduled to be up next week, but we all know how scedules work. 🙂