The Offical Battle of the Elite Homepage – Or something like that.

**The Battle Of The Elite**
“Email me those bugs..I uhhh just want to look em over.”
The general rules for the game are as follows: 1. No, BUG usage. (Mega-Rob will not be considered a bug) 2. No DUPE use (once the game starts it will be closed to new entrants but if a player from any team is unable to continue to play no replacement will be allowed.

3. No attacking unmanned ships at StarDock (due to the bug in 2.03a that crashes a game if a player attacks a ship while it is being sold). There will be no storage of ships at SD and no taking advantage of the rule by players hiding from attack. We hope with a game such as this and the talent level expected that this will not turn into a burden. The only reason this rule is in effect, is to stop the game from being crashed and harming all players.

4. NO page bombs, Computer Message bombs, Log spamming, Corporation Password Hack bombs. The logs, the CLV (Player Ranking List) and the TDR (Corporation Rankings) will be posted on the web everyday for others to keep track of the game, spamming the Logs will only make this job tougher for Micro of Micro’s Free Trade Wars list to complete and will not be tolerated.

5. ATTAC is not going to be allowed. Why? Refer to rule #4. ATTAC makes it very easy for anyone to do this, does it really serve a purpose to have a helper that can cause so much damage?

6. 1 player may map days 1, 2 and 3 after that have at it. This game will have over 100 players and if even half of those decide to map day 1 the game will come to a stand still at best, crash at worst. No system in the world could handle this type of use so please no one bitch about it. this rule will be enforced. (In other words, ZTMing is now closed.)

no outside interference other then the rules above will take place.

Breaking of these rules by any member will result in action deemed just by the democratic Judge and jury, me. But listen people these rules are not that tough and I would think with the skill level that this game will have it won’t be a problem, just try and remember that this game is being donated, allot of time and effort has been put into it (and I might add cold hard cash) to make it possible for you all to play against the best the game has to offer. Just play Tradewars and have a good time, the first few days I expect to be rough on everyone, deal with it.

Misc Info: Each participating BBS will have a Sysop ship that will be set in a sector and unable to move. Each Sysop or GameOp can join the game and cheer on their team and chat with other contestants and Sysops.