I was reading egroups today (enough said right there .. hahaha) when I came across a posting where someone accused a female poster of being on PMS. I am so sick of guys saying she is PSM’ng when a female bitches. When a guy bitches its called a TETESTERONE High. Now I have seen more then one guy post the PMS comment and it has been suggested when I argued a point in egroups that i must be PMS’ng. Well that is BULL$&%^! If you cant use the right head and think of something better to use then PMS then I suggest you click DELETE and move on!

Now onto other things! The HHT is getting heated up..from the sounds of it and talking to SG yesterday (yes The Cruz family help to make SG salesman of the month again by my daughter purchasing a car from him, great salesman, no pressure and trust me my daughter put him thru the paces). I hope someone keeps us up on the death count!

Ok now the really big news….THE WTC IS FINALLY OVER! I dont know what do with myself! After 157 days of playing it I feel a little empty with no where to go. I have been doing alot of baking tho…hahahah…

And on the 10th of November, Fuseblow is going to come grace Virginia Beach and visit with Guard, SG and myself. Were looking forward to meeting him! Then later in the week Prestone is coming to Virginia Beach to visit and we get to meet him also. Anyone else interested in coming to visit. We would love to have you.