What is it that people have against helpers. Not long ago, I had a conversation with someone who thought that tradewars had become as bad as the warez scene because of helpers and scripts. Ok, if we’re as bad as the warez scene, you’d be seeing a ton of pop up porn ads when you visit this site… Oh yea, and it’s not caused by helpers or scripts.

I guess I must be part of the unenlightened but could someone please explain to me how typing in the following sequence of characters over and over again is fun?

I didn’t think you could. That’s the point, Doing repetative tasks is not fun. Every facet of tradewars that people use helpers and scripts for all contain repetative tasks. Let’s take someone who’s running a script to photon people at StarDock. Sitting around waiting for people to come so you can kill them is not fun, it’s repetative. It’d be nice to get rid of all the repetative aspects of Tradewars, but it’s simply not going to happen. I say this will full confidence because doing otherwise would require a complete reworking of how TradeWars plays. Plus, John Pritchett has already stated that he has no intention of changing the game. (Hence why the infamous Pirate Mode never made it into the game) Any changes he does do are small tweaks. The repetition will certainly have to be a big consideration for a Tradewars sequel, but that’s another topic.

Helpers and scripts also do not play the game for you. Classic Example of this is Space Ghost. The guy might as well BE a script considering how many he uses, but have you seen how many times the guy dies? Ask Cruncher about him and she’ll say that he still doesn’t have a script that she can’t get past. And that’s the point. H&S don’t play the game, they make it more fun to play because there’s less garbage you have to deal with like typing sectors over and over again. Chances are, a lot less people would be playing the game now because the fun parts of the game didn’t eclipse the not so fun parts.