Ever long for the old days when bread was a nickel and a coke (its not caleed POP either) was a dime (no they weren’t in my day either..just go with the thought here) well that “Ancient Old Sysop” over at Intergate has brought a taste of old time Tradewars back. Go check out www.intergate.cx and relive the days of MBBS Tradewars.

The Deep South is rocking! Stonewall rebanged the Star Wars game and the place is packed. This has to be by far the most popular game over at the Deep South and lots of fun. Check out thedeepsouth.yi.org.

Over at Home Sector the World Famous Title game rebanged and its another good one. Great competition and nice edits. Thanks Eleq for bringing it back! Go check out twgs.tradewars.org.

Look soon for the Valentine’s Day Massacre (USO) Web page to be coming online. Guardian and I have been working on it and its almsot ready to go. (Just waiting for our graphic from the Grapic King Eleq ..hint ..hint) This game will be a bloodbath according to Guardian who this year will be the USO moderator.