-= Barefoot =-

First Name : Jesus

When did you start Playing Tradewars : About 3 weeks ago

How Long have you Played Tradewars : I’ve been complaining about it for about a year, but didn’t start playing religiously (No pun intended) till last week.

Alias Used in the Game : -= Barefoot =-

How I Choose my Alias : I’ve always been a big fan of the Monster Truck Rally. I also really like the Monster Truck called Bigfoot. I chose a name slightly diffrent from that truck’s because the messiah of Tradewars should have a unique name, shouldn’t he?

Are You a Member of any Group in TW : I am currently working with GrazHoppa’s corp. She’s giving me inside tips on how to beat dupers and cheaters on their own terms.

Helpers / Programs Used : Helpers? What are those?

Awards / Recognition Received Best Overall Player — Barefoot’s Awards

Best Blue Player — Barefoot’s Awards

Best Hunter — Barefoot’s Awards

Rankings of Rex Guardian’s Rankings : Too good to be ranked

Epicenter’s Rankings : Too good to be ranked

Best Game / Tournament you ever played in : Best Tournament is the one I’m playing now at Klock.com! It’s Klock’s “Universal Battle of the Best.” (UBOB for short) This tournament is so good, the Black Knights, Dominance! Enterprises, and Boo! Inc. were all too scared to play. It’s not over yet, but now that 2 of my 3 class M planets have reached Level 2, I’m well on my way to becoming the galactic power.

How you Play Good : I kill evil. Cause… that’s what Good people do. I try to get a lot of the other Goods to go to church with me on sundays, but they usually say that they’re too busy. I pod them after they say that.

How you Play Evil : I don’t play Evil. I’m the messiah, duh. How am I supposed to lead my people to the promised land when I can steal almost…unlimited amounts of money…from…faceless ports? Um, excuse me. (slam)

BBS/Servers that you like the Most: Klock.com. Nowhere else is worthy of my presence.

Your feelings on being a player or CEO in games Being the messiah and all, I’m always put as CEO. They say it’s because I can strike the fear of God into my opponents… or something like that.

What influenced your style of play or helped you become the great player that you are I suppose being the son of God helps out a bit. But really, it’s due to my keen intuition and ability to smell out pagan religions that help the most.

Trick or Suggestion can you give to help other TW players: There’s a very simple trick to staying alive: Join me or my minions will destroy you and your first born.

Your best TW moment or Disaster : My best Moment is yet to come. The day SST is destroyed will be coming, prepare yourself now evils! The day when evils can get infinite amounts of…moneys… *ahem* (Note to self: Work on resisting temptation) will be coming to a close. Because when you do the crime, you do the time!

Anything else you might want to add : I’d like to give out some mad props to Satan. Some people may think he’s a bad guy, but he’s just rough around the edges. I’m pouring a 40 out here on the sidewalk for your defeat in the WTC. It also goes out to his teammates Bad Girl, Hellbitch, Atog, Mirkath, and Peacemaker.

“If you do the crime, do the time!

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