The Dark Millenium website is updated with post-E3 stuff. First announced is that they beat out Caeron 3000 for spot #9 in gamespot’s top 10 online games. There are also new screenshots from E3, but unfortunatelly it’s not of, or contain their booth or anything from E3. It’s MORE ingame screenshots which is bad especially since I can find game screenshots
everywhere else On the web. I sent a person to take shots of the booth, but aparently he got lost during the power outages and has yet to return home. I wasn’t able to attend because my cousin had a weeding that damn weekend. Of course, the $250 entrance fee is a bit prohibitive too. It would be nice if I got sponsored by a company for next year. *coughcough*

Or you can just complain about how you didn’t get to go to E3 here