Graz “I’m not a dupe…no really!” Hoppa recently announced something:
“ will host it’s first major series of tournies.. there is a practice game already in progress.. the tournies will be a series of 5 games- … The tourney will be hosted on a DEDICATED 550 processor with a little over 1k ram-“

That’s right, aparently this “little over 1k ram” tournament will be run on an overclocked TI-85 Calculator. Graz later corrected me by saying it was really 1 gig of ram which was “given” to her. That’s rougly $700 worth of ram. How the hell does that happen? Does she have some sort of secret benefactor like Pip does in Great Expectations?

Furthermore, when will people learn that rediculous amount of ram make no diffrence in performance? Granted, Ultima 9 might actually be playable with that much ram, but I’m more interested who in their right mind actually gives out $700 dollars worth of ram when only $120 is needed at most.

 Interview with John Pritchett Part 2 now up

Part 2 of my interview with John is up. We talk about the Pokemon inspired sequel to Tradewars and find out how John gets his vitality in the morning. It’s also proven to whiten your teeth! Read part 1 if you haven’t.

Still have questions? send them in! I’m looking for questions from people to make up part 3 of this interview. I’ve gotten a few in already.

The interview will be archived in the Articles section.