You know, Simplicity is aparently a lost virtue. Just take a look at the 3rd annual tradewars awards.

Just some of the nominations include the best…. Red Player, Blue Player, CEO Player, Team Player, Backstabber, Most Lagged BBS, Most Dedicated, Most Improved, MVP, MBP (Most Banned Player), Hunter, Killer, Farmer, Sportsmanship, Teacher, Fed Comm, Most duped player, MBBS Site, TWGS Site, Game Op, TW Web Site, Best Helper, Hall Of Fame, Special.

Ok, so I added a few others in there. By the time I actually figured out who is “The Best CEO” (Even though most of us have never played with ‘famous’ CEOs), I could have found out how to go back through time and more importantly, gotten a table at the Olive Garden.

Fortunatelly, it looks like I actually DID figure out time travel as I got a warning about this from my future self. My solution? I chose myself as a nomination for every award.